112 gripes

    100. "What got my goat was all the publicity the French soldiers got! Take the Maquis and the FFI - the part they played in the war was exaggerated in the press."

     Local papers always play up local news. Local papers are proud of the deeds of local boys. It was as natural for the French to praise the fighting of the French as it was for the Botsford Bugel to give front-page space to the return of Pfc Elmer Glutz on the day we dropped the atomic bomb on Japan.

     If it's publicity in the American press which you're objecting to, then criticize American news judgment, not French vanity. The story of the maquis and FFI was a "natural" news story. It's the kind of story that has hit the front pages ever since there were wars -- and newspapers to report on them.

     As for the role the FFI and the Maquis played in the fight against Germany, see the statements of General Patton and General Patch, under question � 77.