112 gripes

    106. "The French got off pretty easy in the war."

     What do you call "pretty easy?" Here is what this war
cost France:

Military casualties:

Civilian casualties:
Killed in bombings.....	60,000
Killed in Battle of France
1940....		30,000
Killed in other military
operations....		20,000
Shot or massacred in
France....		40,000

Total civilians killed
in France.....		150,000

Deportees killed or died in
Germany :
  Political prisoner..	130,000
  Laborers.....		20,000
  Prisoners of War..	30,000

Total....		180,000

Total civilians and deportees killed or
died....		330,000

Disabled civilians :
In France...		127,000
Deportees (returned from
Germany)....		228,000
Total...		335,000

Total military and 
civilian killed . . .   530,000
Total . military and civilians killed,
wounded, disabled	1,115,000


1,785,000 buildings were destroyed.
5,000 bridges were blown up.
Three-fifths of all French railroad stock was either
destroyed or taken to Germany by Germans as they
retreated in 1945.
Half of all the livestock in France was lost or stolen.
Three-fourths of all the agricultural equipment was
12,500,000,000 man-hours of labor, which millions of
Frenchmen were forced to perform for the Germans,
were lost to France.
The national debt increased 32 billion dollars.
These figures represent a loss to France of half of her
national wealth -- or the total earnings of all Frenchmen,
for two years:
Deportees..		765,000
Forced  workers in
France..		850,000
industrial workers in
French plants (wor-
king for Germany)...	2,500,000
Agricultural workers
growing crops for
German conscrip-
tion..........		780,000

Total......		4,895,000

Hours of work lost to
France due to mass
deportations.....       7,427,304,000
Hours of work lost to
France because of
forced labor in France
for the Germans...    	5,124,335,000
Total...		12,551,639,000

Destruction of buildings, agriculture,
Industry, war material etc        2,342,000,000,000
German exchange extortion (setting
the franc at 20 francs to the mark,
instead of a the real value -
10 francs to the mark.)          1,832,000,000,000
Pensions to military and civilian dead
and disabled	      359,000,000
Cash payments to maintain German
army of occupation              2,353,480,000,000
Agricultural products taken by Ger-
mans or damaged                 668,253,000,000
Transport and Communication damag-
ed                              1,527,222,000,000
Industry and Commerce requisitioned
or damaged			448,474,000,000
Clearing and removal costs	556,580,000,000
War material taken bv Germans or
damaged	   246,361,000,000
Special charges imposed on France in
addition to the direct costs of German
occupation.                      102,000,000,000

Estimated total money cost to France
of the war : 98 billion dollars.
Estimated total cost to U.S. - 300 billion dollars.
France is about one fourteenth the size of the United
You can put nearly all of France into Utah and Nevada.