A Career in Culinary Arts?

You must be interested in the culinary arts field-or you wouldn't be reading this page, but are you sure that you'd be suited for it? Here's a quick quiz to help you decide. Jot down your answers to the following questions and then take a look at the paragraph following the test.

  1. (Y-N) Do you pay close attention to details?
  2. (Y-N) Do you hate shopping for groceries?
  3. (Y-N) Do you appreciate having variety in your work day?
  4. (Y-N) Do you prefer working alone to working with other people?
  5. (Y-N) Are you good at basic math?
  6. (Y-N) Do you have trouble working quickly in demanding atmospheres?
  7. (Y-N) Do you have strong physical stamina?
  8. (Y-N) Do you want a routine that is the same every day?
  9. (Y-N) Do you have good communication skills?
  10. (Y-N) Do you value a high level of privacy and quiet time when you are at work?
  11. (Y-N) Do you enjoy cooking meals for family or friends?
  12. (Y-N) Do you feel that weekends must be spent with your friends or family?
  13. (Y-N) Do your friends ask you to cook for them?
  14. (Y-N) Do you grow faint and listless when in an excessively hot environment?
  15. (Y-N) Have you ever asked someone for a copy of the recipe for a particular dish you enjoyed?
  16. (Y-N) Do you get extremely nervous when working under tight, stressful deadlines?
  17. (Y-N) Do you offen eat out in fancy restaurants?
  18. (Y-N) Do you have a hard time motivating yourself to do things?
  19. (Y-N) Do you watch one or more cooking shows per week on television?

Don't read this until you have done the quiz. If you answered yes to the majority of odd-numbered questions, and no to the majority of even-numbered questions, then you'll probably want to go full steam ahead towards a culinary arts career. However, if you answered yes to the majority of even-numbered questions, and no to the majority of odd-numbered questions, then you may want to consider a job in a field related to the culinary arts but not necessarily in the high-stress world of a professional kitchen.


The Quiz is from this book, a great career starter:


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