103. "The French mostly collaborated with the Germans."

     The Germans would disagree with that. The Germans tried for four years to get more Frenchmen to collaborate. That s why they killed so many hostages. That's why they destroyed 344 communities for "crimes" not connected with military operations.

     The Germans overran France in 1940. For two years they used every promise, trick and pressure to induce the French people to work in Germany for the German war machine. They offered workers better food, clothes, privileges and protection denied them in France under occupation rules. And in all of France, during that entire period, about 75,000 French workers enlisted. The Germans admitted the campaign was a failure.

     The LVF (Legion Volontaire Francaise), the French volunteer army that the Germans tried to organize, was a gigantic flop.

     For the facts on how the French fought the Germans from 1940 until the liberation, see questions 17, 18, 104.