112 gripes

    86. "The prices we are getting soaked is a scandal."

     Prices in France are certainly very high. But high prices hit the French much harder than they hit any of us. Most of the things we buy in France are luxuries. A shot of cognac is definitely a luxury for most Frenchmen.

     Examine the following prices, which the French are paying -- if and when they can get the articles (July 1945):

Bread	1 kg. (2.2 lbs.)	  7.40	francs            
Beef	1 kg			 97.00	--                
Butter	1 kg			113.00	--
Eggs	1 dz			 45.60	--                     
Soap	1kg                      31.00	--
E1ectricity, 1 kw                 4.64	--  
Gas, m.3			  3.29	--	
Cotton Socks			150.00	--
(when you can get
Undershirt			350.00	-.
				(plus 8 points)                   
Suit				1,500-1,000 francs
(but try to find

     The average skilled worker in France gets 1,200-1,300 fr. ($24-26) a week. How much cognac, perfume, kerchiefs, bracelets can the average Frenchman buy - after he gets done paying for food and rent? How much can the French GI buy - on pay of 6 cents a day?