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Val D'Aosta

This great deep furrow between the highest mountains in Europe, is watered by the Dora Baltea River whose tributaries form picturesque lateral valleys: the Valtournenche, Val di Gressoney, Val d'Ayas, Val Grisenche...
Aosta, well situated in the centre of the valley, is the capital of this region which has enjoyed a certain degree of administrative authority since 1947. In addition to the pastoral activities of the mountain people and the iron mines at Cogne, the valley's economy depends primarily on tourism which has developed as a result of the Great St Bernard and Mont Blanc Tunnels. From Pont-St-Martin to Courmayeur the local population - essentially mountain people and shepherds - remain attached to their traditions and have retained their French family names. Many still speak French and other varied dialects.

From the Michelin Green Guide to Italy

BAKED PENNE WITH MUSHROOMS AND CHEESES - Pasticcio di penne alla valdostana

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