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tamarind: tamarindo
tangerine: mandarino
tarragon: dragoncehho
T-bone steak, grilled: bistecea alla fiorentina
tea: te', the'
testicles: granelli (usually d'agnello, of lamb)
thrushes: tordi
thyme: timo
toast: pane tostato
tomato: pomodoro
tomato paste: conserva
tongue: lingua
toothpick: stuzzicadenti
trifle: zuppa inglese
tripe: trippa (honeycomb); paghiata, pajata (tubular, especially full-flavored)
trout: trota
truffle: tartufo;
----- nero (black);
----- bianco (white)
tuna fish: tonno
turkey: tacehino
turnip: rapa

unseasoned: scondito

vanilla: vaniglia
veal: vitello;
----- bauletti (rolls filled with cheese, simmered in sauce);
----- involtini (rolls filled with prosciutto, sage, carrots, mozzarella, other variations, sauteed in broth or wine);
----- messicani (veal parcels stuffed with meat mixture, usually in sauce);
----- saltimbocca alla romana (thin veal slices, fresh sage leaves, prosciutto sauteed in butter/oil and Marsala);
----- scalloppine (thin veal slices saute'ed in butter/oil, sometimes with Marsala, wine, mushrooms, etc.);
----- uccellini scappati, uccelletti matti (rolled veal birds)
vegetabies: legumi (in general those with pods or shells); contorni (accompanying an entré)
vegetable soup: minestrone (with pasta or rice)
venison: cervo, capri(u)olo
vermouth: vermut
vinegar: aceto; sott'aceto (preserved in vinegar)

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