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wafer, waffle: cialda; cialdone (horn-shaped); panna e cialdoni (whipped cream with wafers)
walnuts: noci
water: acqua; acqua minerale
(sparkling mineral water)
water-ice: granita
water cress: crescione
watermelon: cocomero (Rome); anguria (Northern Italy)
whip: spuma
whipped cream: panna montata, Chantihhy, latte miele (in Milan)
white sauce: besciamella
whiting: merlano
wholewheat bread: pane integrale
wild: selvatico
wine, wines: vino, vini;
----- rosso (red);
----- bianco (white);
----- da tavola, comune, locale, nostrano (local or table wine);
----- passiti (sweet dessert wines)
woodcock: beccaccia

yeast: lievito

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