112 Gripes About the French

112 Gripes about the French

Published in Paris in 1945 by the 'Information & Education Division' of the US Occupation Forces.

Forward by original editors.


1. "We came to Europe twice in twenty-five years..."
2. "At first, when we came into Normandy.. the French gave us everything..."
3. "The French don't invite us into their homes.".
4. "The French rub me the wrong way.".
5. "I'll never love the French.." "I hate the French!"
6. "We're always pulling the French out of a jam..."
7. "We can't rely on these French."
8. "We've had more beefing from the French than from the Germans..."
9. "We gave the French uniforms, jeeps, trucks, supplies, ammunition - everything."
10. "We gave the French billions of dollars worth of stuff. They'll never pay it back."
11. "The French are using our gas, but they won't give it to Americans."
12. "One Frenchman told me the French practically gave us the Statue of Liberty... "
13. "We are not welcome in French Restaurants."
14. "Every time we go into a night club, we get soaked by these Frenchmen".
15. "The French are terrible scroungers. They keep mooching candy... "
16. "The French welcomed us at first; now they want us to get out."
17. "The French brag a lot about the fighting they did... "
18. "The French let us down when the fighting got tough. What did THEY do?"
19. "They ride in our jeeps and waste our gas."
20. "The French aren't friendly."
21. "Why bother about the French?"


22. "The French are too damned independent."
23. "The French are out for what they they can get."
24. "The French are mercenary..."
25. "The French are gypping us."
26. "The French are cynical."
27. "The French are not up-to-date..."
28. "The French won't accept new ideas..."
29. "The French are always criticizing..."
30. "All the French want is a good time..."
31. "The French are insincere..."
32. "The French just don't care about anything..."
33. "The French have no guts; they're decadent."
34. "What did these frogs ever contribute to the world anyway?"
35. "The French do things different than we do..."
36. "All the French do is talk."
37. "I never heard people gab so much. Gab, gab, gab."
38. "Why do Frenchmen look so shabby?"
39. "What amazes me is how, with all their stories about suffering..."
40. "Why do the French parade all the the time..."
41. "At the Folies Bergere or the Casino de Paris..."
42. "Why isn't there decent plumbing in French houses..."
43. "French cities are filthy."
44. "The French are unsanitary."
45. "The French don't bathe."
46. "You ride on the subway and the smell almost knocks you out..."
47. "The French villages are pigsties..."
48. "I'd like the French a lot better if they were cleaner."
49. "Why do they knock off work for two to three hours every day?"
50. "The French spend all their time at these cafes..."
51. "They are lazy."
52. "You can drive all through Paris and never see anyone working."
53. "They're primitive. French farmers still wear wooden shoes."
54. "Why don't the French work their fields? "
55. "French women are easy pick-ups."
56. "French women are immoral."
57. "How do the French themselves feel about all the street-walkers... "
58. "French women are too damned expensive."
59. "The French drink too much."
60. "Every time a French girl sits down she pulls her dress or skirt up."
61. "The French are immoral. They are morally decayed."
62. "They kiss right in the open - in the streets."
63. "How can they put up with the custom... "
64. "Why do the French drive so g-d- fast ?"
65. "The French drive like lunatics!"
66. "The French can't drive a car..."
67. "French railroads are a mess."
68. "We give them locomotives and they don't even run them."


69. "The French aren't our kind of people. The Germans are."
70. "The French are not as clean as the Germans."
71. "The Germans are easier to get along with than the French..."
72. "The French are not as efficient as the Germans... in mass production."
73. "The French are trouble-makers..."
74. "We'd be a lot smarter to be allies of the Germans..."
75. "The French aren't industrious..."
76. "The French have no courage..."
77. "The French don't even have enough men to..."
78. "The French didn't put up a real fight against the Germans..."
79. "The French aren't cleaning up their bombed cities..."
80. "The French cleaned out Stuttgart..."
81. "The French troops in Germany had the women terrorized."
82. "The French soldiers... didn't waste any time shacking up with German girls."

THE PRICES: "We're being gypped"

83. "Fifty francs to a dollar is blackmail..."
84. "The high prices and inflation in France are a disgrace."
85. "When we buy nice presents to send home, we pay through the nose!"
86. "The prices we are getting soaked is a scandal."
87. "What did the French ever do to...."
88. "Giving us 850 francs a month is just a way..."
89. "This 850 francs a month gift to us..."


90. "The black market in France is disgraceful!"
91. "Why don't the French use stronger methods to stop the black market?"
92. "The leaders of the French resistance were behind the black market."
93. "The French haven't done a damn thing to stop pleasure driving..."


94. "It burns me up to see a Frenchman using American uniforms."
95. "The French act has if they won the war single-handed."
96. "Why don't French soldiers ever clean their uniforms?"
97. "In Paris you see hundreds of young Frenchmen, our age, in civilian clothes...?"
98. "The French are sloppy-looking soldiers..."
99. "Why do French soldiers look so sloppy in their uniforms?"
100. "What got my goat was all the publicity the French soldiers got..."
101. "The French soldiers stole everything they could get their hands on..."


102. "The French were all collaborationists."
103. "The French mostly collaborated with the Germans."
104. "After France fell, the French laid down and let the Germans walk all over them..."
105. "You wouldn't think they'd even been in the war..."


106. "The French got off pretty easy in the war."
107. "Why don't they get to work and rebuild their country?"


108. "All French politicians are corrupt."
109. "The French don't have a decent political system..."
110. "The French are too radical in politics."
111. "The French are Communist."
112. "France is a decadent nation."

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