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baccala': dried, salted cod
banane: bananas
barbabietole: beets
barbo, barbio: red mullet
barchette: flaky pastry boats, usually containing a fish preparation
basilico: basil
battuto: base for soups, stews, meats, sauces, and vegetables; made of onion, celery, parsley,carrot, garlic, and sometimes prosciutto, finely chopped and sauteed in olive oil
bauletto: veal rolls filled with cheese, simmered in sauce
beccaccia: woodcock
beccaccino: snipe
beccafichi: small birds
bel paese: soft, mild cheese
besciamella: bechamel, or basic white sauce
(in) bianco: pasta with butter and Parrnesan; a sauce without tomatoes; steamed or boiled
bicchiere: glass
bieda: chard
boidro: angler or frogfish
biscotti: cookies, biscuits
bistecca: beef or veal steak;
alla fiorentina: T-bone, grilled or broiled
bollito: boiled
braciola di maile: pork chop; di manzo: rib steak
branzino: striped bass
brasato: braised roast
broccoletti di rape: leafy plantwith broccoli-like, long-stemmed flowering heads; closest equivalent; mustard or turnip greens come from the same family, can be used as substitute
broccoli: broccoli
brodetto: fish soup
brodo: broth
bruschetta: toasted bread seasoned with garlic and oil
buccia: skin or peel
budino: pudding; blood pudding
bue: beef
burro: butter
fuso; melted butter
burro di noccioline: peanut butter

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