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tacchino: turkey
tagliatelle: flat egg noodles
tamarindo: tamarind, a fruit with
acid pulp used in preserves,
but most commonly as a thirst-quenching drink
tarocco, tarocehi (also torocco):
blood orange(s)
tartelette: flaky filled pastry,
served as antipasto
tartufo: truffle; - nero: black
truffle; -
bianco: white truffle; - di mare: clam-like shellfish
te', the': tea
tegame: frying pan; al tegame:
cooked in the pan
tellini (Tuscany): cockles
testa: head; - di maiale: pig's
- di vitello: calf's head
timballo: casserole, mold
timo: thyme
tonno: tuna fish
topinamburo: Jerusalem
tordi: thrushes
torrone: nougat torta: cake
tortellini: small stuffed rings of pasta served in broth or sauce
totani: cuttlefish
tramezzino: small sandwich
trancia: slice
trenette: shoelace thin noodles,
usually served al pesto
triglia: red mullet
trippa: tripe
trota: trout
tuorli: egg yolks

uccelletti, uccellini: small birds; uccellini scappati, uccelletti matti: rolled veal birds
(in) umido: stewed in a gravy, usually with tomato and herbs
uova: eggs; - alla coque:
boiled eggs; -
sode: hard boiled eggs; ----- fritte: fried eggs; - in camicia, affogate:
poached eggs; -
strapazzate: scrambled eggs
uva: grapes
uva secca, uvetta: raisins

vaniglia: vanilla
vermicelli: very thin spaghetti
vermut: vermouth
vincisgrassi: variation of baked
lasagne, layered with cheeses, and meat sauce
vino, vini: wine, wines; bianco:
white wine; rosso: red wine;
'da tavola', 'comune', 'locale', 'nostrano': local or table wine
vini passiti: sweet dessert wines made from dried grapes
vitello: milk-fed, very young veal
vitellone: young beef
vongole: clams

wiener, wurstel: hot dog or small sausage

youart: yoghurt
zabaglione, zabaione: egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala whipped frothy over low heat
zafferano: saffron
zampa: foot
zampone: highly spiced pork
sausage, encased in the skin of the forefeet (a specialty of Modena)
zeppole (di San Giuseppe): cream puff type sweets eaten on St. Joseph's Day in Rome
zucca: pumpkin
zucchero: sugar
zucchine: squash
zuppa: soup; ---- di pesce: fish stew;
----- inglese: custard pudding and cake; trifle

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