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paglia y fieno: 'hay and straw' fresh white and green pasta
pagliata, palata: a kind of tripe, tubular and very succulent
palombacci: game pigeons
palombo: dog fish
pan di Spagna: spongecake
pancetta (di maiale): bacon
pane: bread;
in, a, cassetta: packed, sliced bread;
di segale, di merano, nero, or tedesco: rye bread;
integrale: whole wheat bread
pane tostato: toast
panettone: cake studded with candied fruit peel, a Milanese specialty
panforte: a hard Sienese cake of finely ground nuts and candied citron
pangiallo: traditional Roman Christmas cake, of nuts, spices, citrus peel, raisins
panini: rolls
panna montata: whipped cream
pappardelle: broad noodles, somewhat like lasagne
parmigiano: Parmesan cheese
passatelli: Bolognese pasta made by forcing egg-cheese-bread crumb dough through sieve, and poaching in broth
passera: plaice
pasta: dough of flour and water used to make noodles, spaghetti, etc.;
all'uovo: dough of flour, water and eggs; pasta asciutta: pasta served in any form except soup;
pasta per dolci, pasticcio: dough for pastries
pastella: batter for frying
pastina: small noodles (or paste in other shapes) for soup
patate, patatine: potatoes;
arroste: roast potatoes;
fritte: fried potatoes;
novelle: new potatoes;
pure' di: mashed potatoes
pecorino: hard sheep-milk cheese, rather sharp, widely used in Rome
pepe: black pepper
peperoni: green peppers;
gialli: sweet red peppers;
sott'aceto: peppers preserved in vinegar;
sott'olio: peppers dressed with oil
peperoncini: dried, usually crushed, hot red (chili) peppers
pere: pears
pernice: partridge
persico: bass
pescatrice: angler
pesce: fish
pesce spada: swordfish
pesche: peaches
pesto: a Genoese specialty of fresh basil, Parmesan cheese, garlic, and sometimes pine nuts or walnuts, ground in olive oil, used on spaghetti or in minestrone
pettirossi: robins
petto di: breast of
pezzi, pezzetti, pezzettini: pieces, small pieces, bits
(a) piacere: cooked to your pleasure
(alla) piastra: cooked on the griddle
piatti: dishes, courses;
freddi: cold dishes;
caldi: hot dishes
piccante: spicy;
salsa piccante: spicy sauce in general
piccione: squab
pilaw: pilaf
pimiento: sweet red pepper
pinoli: pine nuts
piselli: peas;
al prosciutto: peas, ham and onion;
seppie coi piselli alla romana: peas and cuttlefish stewed in white wine, oil, and garlic
pizza al forno: usually cooked in a wood fired oven
(alla) pizzaioia: with tomato sauce, generally seasoned with garlic and oregano
polenta: cooked corn meal, often served with meat sauce or with game
pollame: poultry
pollo: chicken;
alla diavola: grilled or broiled chicken
polpette, polpettini: meatballs
polpetti: baby octopi
polpettone: meat loaf
polpo: octopus
pomodoro: tomato
ponce, poncino: punch
popone: melon
porchetta: roasted whole suckling pig, filled with spices, often served sliced at festas on crusty bread or rolls
porcini: (Boletus edulis) large field mushrooms
porro: leek
prezzemolo: parsley
prosciutto: ham; - cotto:
cooked, boiled ham;
-crudo: cured ham; - e melone: ham and melon antipasto
provatura: a cheese of buffalo milk, very fresh and soft, similar to mozzarella
provola: buffalo cheese, sometimes smoked
provolone: smoked, semi-hard cheese from buffalo's or cow's milk
prugne: prunes, fresh plums
punch: punch
puntarella: spiky salad green,
usually served with an anchovy, oil and garlic dressing
pureť: puree
quadrucci: small squares of pasta, used in broth
quaglie: quail

rabarbaro: rhubarb
radicchio: red salad plant
radici: radishes
rafano: horse-radish
agu': meat sauce; stew
ane: frogs
rapa: tumip
ravanello: radish
ravioli: pasta envelopes stuffed with meat &/or vegetables, sometimes ricotta
razza: ray
ribes: currants
riccio: sea urchin
ricotta: cottage cheese
rigaglie di polio: giblets (of chicken)
rigatoni: thick tubular pasta
ripieno: stuffing; as an adjective,
riso, risotto: rice, rice dish
ristretto: consomme'
rognone, rognoncini: kidneys
rosbiffe: roast beef
rosmarino: rosemary
rosolare: fry or roast to a brown color; brown
rospo, coda di rospo: angler or frogfish; tail of same
rughetta: arugula

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