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maccheroni: macaroni
macedonia (di frutta): fruit cocktail with maraschino or white wine, served for dessert
maggiorana: marjoram
magro: lean
inaiale: pork
maionese: mayonnaise
mandarino: tangerine
mandorla: almond
manteca: cheese and butter loaf
manzo: beef
(alla) marinara: from 'mariner'- sailor style
marinato: marinated
maritozzi: sweet buns sometimes filled with whipped cream
marmellata: jam, marmalade, preserve
marsala: wine 'fortified' with brandy for the sea voyage to England (1773) - can be sweet or dry
martino: angler fish
mascarpone, marcherpone: soft cream cheese
mazzancolle: very large prawns (Rome)
medaglioni: medallions
melagrana: pomegranate
melanzane: eggplant
mele: apples
mele cotte: baked apples
melone, popone: melon, generally cantaloupe;
prosciutto e melone: ham and melon antipasto
menta, mentuccia (Rome): mint
meringhe: meringue
merlano: whiting
merli: blackbirds
merluzzo: cod
messicani: stuffed veal parcels, usually in sauce
midollo: marrow
miele: honey
mille foglie: short flaky pastry
milza (di hue): spleen
minestra: soup
minestre: soup &/or pasta course
minestrone: vegetable soup with pasta or rice
Monte Bianco: Mont Blanc, a pure'ed chestnut and whipped cream dessert
molecche (Venice): tiny soft-shell crabs
mollica di pane: a binder for stuffings: the soft, white interior of bread, soaked in milk, water, stock or vinegar depending on the recipe,squeezed out, broken into crumbs with a fork.
monachine: bullfinches
more: blackberries
mortadella: large spiced baloney
moscardino (Genoa): very tiny octopus
mostarda: mustard
mozzarella: soft, mild cheese used in pizza;
in carrozza: fried mozzarella sandwich
muggine: common grey mullet
murena: moray
nasello: hake
nes pole: medlar pears
nocciole: hazelnuts
noccioline americane: peanuts
noce moscata: nutmeg
noci: walnuts

oca: goose
odori: herbs
olio: oil; all'olio: in oil
olive: olives; nere: black olives;
verdi: green olives
ombrina: sea perch
omelette: omelette
orata: red snapper, bream
origano: oregano
ortolano: green grocer; ortolan
orzo: barley
ossohuco: shin-bone of veal, cooked with the marrow
ostriche: oysters
ovoli: (amanita Caesarea) wild, orange-scarlet mushrooms

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