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caccia, cacciagione, selvaggina:game
(alla) cacciatora: hunter style: usually cooked with some combination of garlic, parsley, sage, bay, or other spices, oil, vinegar, white wine, celery, onions, anchovies
cacciucco: fish stew, a specialty of Livomo
caciocavallo: cow's milk cheese similar to provolone
caffe': coffee;
caffe corretto: coffee with grappa;
caffe' espresso: strong, black coffee
caffe' latte: half hot milk, half coffee
calamari, calamaretti: squid
caldo: hot
(a) calo: to pay for wine by the amount consumed
calzone: flaky pastry envelope with minced chicken, meat or fish, and vegetables
canape': small openfaced sandwich
canestrello: small scallop-like bivalve
cannella: cinnamon
cannelloni: pasta squares rolled around filling (usually meat), covered with sauce (tomato, cheese, bechamel) and baked
cannoli: crisp pastry tube filled with sweetened ricotta, chocolate, and candied fruits
cannuccia: drinking straw
cappelletti: filled, hat-shaped pastas like raviolli
capellini: long, thin noodles, usually served in broth
capicola, capocolla, capacola, capicollo, cappicola, capacolo, capacollo: Boneless pork shoulder butts which are cured and then cooked.
capitone: large eel
caponata: eggplant hors d'oeuvre
capperi: capers
cappone: capon
cappuccina, barba di; insalata salad of small herbs
cappuccino: coffee and hot aerated milk
capretto: kid
capri(u)olo: venison, roe buck
caramelle: candies
carciofi: artichokes;
alla giudia: deep fried in oil;
alla mantidana: grilled;
alla romana: stuffed with garlic, parsley, and mint, and steamed in wine;
fondi di: bottoms
cardi: stalk-like vegetables of the thistle family, cardoons
came: meat; came macinata: ground meat, hamburger carote: carrots
carrozza, mozzarella in: a crusty fried sandwich of mozzarella dipped in batter
carpa: carp
casalingo, casereccio: homemade
cassata: frozen Sicilian sweet
casseruola: deep metal cooking pot
castagne: chestnuts
caviale: caviar
cavoletti di bruxelles: Brussels sprouts
cavolfiore: cauliflower
cavolo: cabbage
ceci: beans (garbanzo)
cedro: citron
cefalo: common grey mullet
cerfoglio: chervil
cernia: grouper, like sea bass
certosino: mild, soft, spready cheese
cervello: brains
cervo: venison
cespo (d'insalata): lettuce
cetrioli: cucumbers
cetriolini (sott'aceto): gherkins
(alla) Chantilly: with whipped cream
china: quinine
chiodo di garafano: clove
cialda: wafer, waffle
cialdone: horn-shaped wafer; panna e cialdone: whipped cream with wafers
ciambella: nug-shaped cake, often coffee cake
cicoria: chicory, sometimes dandelion
ciliege: cherries
cinghiale: wild boar
cioccolato: chocolate
cipolle: onions
cipolline: pearl onions
ciriole: small eels
cocco: coconut
cocomero: watermelon (Rome)
coda (di bue): oxtail; alla vaccinara: oxtail cooked in a rich tomato sauce
coltello: knife
condimenti: condiments
condito: seasoned;
insalata condita: salad with dressing;
insalata scondita: salad with-out dressing
coniglio: rabbit
conserva: conserve (generally tomato paste)
contorni: yegetables accompanying main course
coppa: head cheese, a fatty pork cold cut; also cup or bowl (of dessert or ice cream);
coppa mista: cup of ice cream of assorted flavors
coratella: liver, lights, giblets, heart
cornetti: croissants, crescents
coscetto, cosciotto, coscia: leg
costatella, costoletta, cotoletta: chop
costato: rib steak
cotechino: highly spiced pork sausage
cotogno: quince
cotto: cooked
cozze: mussels
crema: custard; crema caramella: custard with caramel glaze
crema di: cream of (with soups)
crema di latte: coffee cream
crÍpes: pancakes
crescione: watercress
croccante: crispy
crosta; crostata; crostatina: crust; pie crust; tart
crostini: croutons, bread cubes, or triangles of toasted bread; in Florence spread with a pate of chicken livers, anchovies and capers;
alla provatura, bread slices baked with melted cheese and served with anchovy sauce
crudo: raw
cucchiaio, cucchiaino: large spoon, small spoon
cuore: heart
cuscus, cuscussu', couscous: a Southern Italian dish of North African origin, generally containing meat and semolina

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