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abbacchio: suckling lamb (Rome)
acciughe: anchovies in oil
aceto: vinegar;
sott'aceto: preserved in vinegar;
balsamico:balsamic vinegar
acqua: water
acqua minerale: natural sparkling mineral water
affettato: (literaly 'sliced') cold cuts
affogato: steamed
affumicato: smoked
aglio: garlic
agnello: lamb
agnolotti: pasta with meat filling
agro-dolce: sweet and sour
agrumi: citrus fruit
albicocche: apricots
alici: anchovies in salt
allodole: larks
amarena: sour cherry
amaretti: macaroons
amaro: bitter
amburghese: hamburger
ananas: pineapple
anguilla: eel
anguria: watermelon (Northern Italy)
animelle: sweetbreads
anitra: duck
antipasti: appetizers or hors d'oeuvres
aragosta: spiny lobster
arancia: orange
aranciata: orangeade, or carbonated orange drink
aringhe: herring
arista: spitted or oven-roasted pork
arrosto: roast
arselta: cockle (Genoese)
arzilla: ray
asce': hamburger
asparagi: asparagus


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