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garofano: clove
(alla) gratella: grilled
gratinato: au gratin
grattugiato: grated
(alla) griglia: broiled or grilled
grissini: bread sticks
groviera: Swiss cheese
guanciale: bacon (Rome)

imbottito: stuffed
indivia: endive (escarole type);
del Belgio: Belgian endive
insalata: salad;
capricciosa, mista, misticanza(Rome): mixed salad;
cappuccina, barba di: salad of small herbs;
verde: green salad;
russa: cooked vegetables with mayonnaise
intingolo: gravy, sauce, spicy dish
involtini: thin veal slices rolled around prosciutto, sage leaves, carrots, mozzarella (or other variations) and saute'ed in broth &/or wine

lamponi: raspberries
lardo: lard
lasagne: broad flat noodles;
timballo di, al forno: baked in layers of sauces and cheese
latte: milk
lattuga: lettuce
lauro: laurel or bay
legumi: vegetables, in general those with pods or shells
lenticchie: lentils
lepre: hare;
in salmi': marinated in wine and herbs
lesso: boiled
lievito: yeast
limonata: lemonade
limone: lemon
lingua (di hue): tongue (beef)
liquori: liquors, cordials or liqueurs
littoridina: periwinkles
lombata: loin
lombatine: loin chops
luccio: pike
lumache: snails



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