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salame: salami
sale: salt
salmi', in salmi': marinated in wine and herbs
salmone: salmon
salsa: sauce; besciamella: bechamel or white sauce;
-----di pomodoro: tomato sauce;
----- verde: green sauce, a blend of parsley, capers, anchovies, garlic, gherkins, onion, salt and pepper, ground to a fine paste and added to oil and vinegar; generally served cold with meat
saisicce: pork sausage
saltimbocca alla romana: thin veal slices, fresh sage leaves, and prosciutto, skewered together and sauteed in oil/ butter and Marsala
salvia: sage
(al) sangue: rare (of meat)
San Pietro: John Dory
sarde, sardine: sardines
savoiardi: lady fingers
scalogni: scallions
scaloppine: thin slices of veal
saute'ed in oil/butter, sometimes with Marsala, mushrooms, etc.
scampi: large prawn
scarola: escarole
schienali: "marrows" or cords of the backbone, like brain
sciroppo: syrup
scondito: unseasoned
scorfano: scorpion fish, like
sedano: celery
selvaggina: game
selvatico: wild
semi: seeds
semi freddi: mousses, frozen puddings
semolino: semolina, a very good quality of flour
semola: bran
senape: mustard
seppie: cuttlefish
sfinge: doughnuts or cream puffs
sgombro: mackerel
soffriggere: fry lightly
soffritto: base for soups, stews,
meats, sauces, vegetables; of saute'ed onions, celery, carrots, parsley, oil, garlic, and some-times prosciutto
sogliole: sole
sorbetto: ice cream (sherbet type)
sottaceti: pickles
spaghetti: spaghetti
sparagi: asparagus
spezie: spices
spezzato: cut in pieces, such as
spezzato di vitello, veal stew
spiedino, spiedo, allo spiedo: spit,
spitted, roasted on a spit
spigoia: striped bass
spinaci: spinach
spremuta: freshly squeezed fruit juice, squash;
- di arancio: orange juice;
- di limone: lemon juice
spuma: whip
spumone: spumone, a frozen
pudding of pure'ed fruit or other base, and whipped cream
squadro: angel shark
(di) stagione: in season
starna: partridge
stoccafisso: stockfish; prepared
dried cod, usually served with oil, anchovies, walnuts, and black olives
storione: sturgeon
stracchino: soft, mild cheese
stracciatella: broth containing
a mixture of egg, semolina, and grated cheese
stracotto: pot roast
strozzaprete: "priest strangler" - homemade pasta
strutto: lard
stufatino: meat and vegetable
stuzzicadenti: toothpick
succo: juice
suffle': souffle'
sugo: gravy or sauce
suppli: hot rice balls filled with
meat, mozzarella, and sometimes tomato sauce
susine: plums



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