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Recipes listed by region - of course there is a lot of overlap, and many dishes are claimed by competing regions. The richness and variety of Italian cooking in fact offer enough for everyone.

Abruzzi - Abruzzo

Basilicata - Basilicata

Calabria - Calabria

Campania - Naples

Emilia Romagna - Emilia Romagna

Friuli - Friuli

Lazio - RomeRoma Lazio

Liguria - Liguria

Lombardy - Lombardia

The Marches - Les Marche

Molise - Molise

Piedmont - Piemonte

Puglia - Puglia

Sardinia - Sardegna

Sicily - Sicilia

Tuscany - Toscana

Umbria - Umbria

Val d'Aosta - Val d'Aosta

Veneto - Il Veneto


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